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Gotta make $$$$

2009-07-24 00:40:21 by rayraytito

im thinking about selling my halo3 characters,,as in anyways and im also going 2 sell my anime books dat come in a novle i belive i have a total of 36 books and im selling each one for $3.00 and my halo toys for $ da way its on if you wanna bye hit me da way there not on da site yet as in da pics to buy them there probly be up there soon so you guys can see how they look..oww ya i have like 6 halo toyss and there all 8inchs and higher


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2009-07-24 01:42:47

cool try to check out my post


2009-08-20 14:56:54

Yo Homie You down with ScaryMovieGuy Now Homie Which meens You are one of my homies now G Dawg!!!!


2009-08-20 14:58:02

If I Was Ya I Would Charge And Ass Load Of Cash For Them Toys And Books & Stuff